Minutes 12th April 2017


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
Held in the Memorial Hall
On Wednesday 12th April 2017

Chairman T Weston
Councillors M Barber-Starkey,J Blandford, N Bullock, R Cotton, A Taylor, E Thomas

Also Present D Baldwin, Clerk to the Council
Cllr B Durkin, Ward Member
2 members of the public

1. Apologies for absence – Apologies were received and accepted for Councillor F Powell. Absent Councillor G Baker.

2. To receive Declarations of Interest
There were no Declarations of Interest at this point in the meeting

3. Public Participation
No members of the public present wished to speak.

4. Minutes
The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 8th March 2017 were approved as a correct record of that meeting and signed by the Chairman.

5. Ward Member Report
Councillor Durkin presented his report of March 2017, previously circulated by email, with the main points being as follows:
RESOLUTION: That the report be noted.

6. Neighbourhood Plan

6.1  The Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party gave an update to Councillors and presented the report of the meeting held on the 13th March 2017. The exception case revised settlement boundary and land allocations for Rushall has been completed and agreed by the working party for submission to the Parish Council. This document, with approval, will be ready to be sent informally to Herefordshire Council ahead of the presentation of evidence to the planning inspectorate for the case of Rushall and Kynaston to be treated as one settlement.
RESOLUTION: That the revised settlement boundary and land allocations exception case document be approved and submitted informally to Herefordshire Council ahead of the meeting with the forward planners. Also, that the report of the meeting held on the 13th March be noted and approved.

The Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party also expressed concerns over future funding and warned the Council that an extra £2000 may be needed. He also expressed his concerns over the Parish Council website and suggested that funds be made available to help the Clerk with redesigning the website and updating the content.
Councillor Barber-Starkey offered to become involved with the website and help the Clerk with its design.

6.2 The Clerk informed the Council that the Locality end of grant submission was due.
RESOLUTION: That the end of grant submission be noted.

7. Playground Inspection
Councillors considered a playground inspection for the Barton’s Playing Field. This was not deemed necessary.

8. Training
This item to be placed on the next agenda.

9. Community Payback Project
Councillors considered the offer from the Community Payback Scheme to help with community projects within the Parish. This would be supervised young offenders, as part of a programme of unpaid work, to act as payback to communities for crimes they have committed.
RESOLUTION: That the Parish Council give an expression of Interest to this programme and review at a future meeting.

10. Jubilee Oak Tree
The remedial work to the Jubilee oak tree, free of charge, has been completed.
RESOLUTION: That a letter of thanks be sent to the tree surgeon for his generosity.

11. Planning

11.1 Grant of Premises Licence.
Hellens, Much Marcle EB/PRO1757
The Clerk reported that the information she had received from the Licensing department indicated that the in order to submit any concerns over the application evidence needed to be collected and specifics e,g, times, date, occurrence, gathered to build a case. Once this has been completed the Parish Council would then be able to call for a review and submit their evidence. It was also suggested that the Parish Council write to Hellens direct and express their concerns.

11.2 Planning Decisions
None received.

12. Highways

12.1 Highways issues to report:
It was noted that the white lining at Old Pike crossroads and the potholes at the Old Mission had been repaired.
The rocks through by Caerswall had become extremely bad.
Also, the Speed limits within the Village needed to be pushed forward again.

12.2 Footpaths
No report was available.

13. Financial Items

13.1 Internal Auditor
Councillors considered the appointment of the Internal Auditor and agreed that the previous auditor be asked to audit the Parish Council accounts.
RESOLUTION: That previous auditor be asked to carry out the internal audit.

13.2 Summary of Receipts and Payments
The Clerk presented a report of the Payments and Receipts for the period to 27th March 2017, showing a bank balance of £6304.21
RESOLUTION: That the summary be approved.

13.3 Invoices for Payment
Councillors considered the payment of the invoices for:
Foxley Tagg £2635.80
Hoople Mapping tool £45.00
PAYE £118.60
Memorial Hall NDP £45.00
Notice Board £480.00
PATA Payroll agent £22.50
RESOLUTION: That the payment of the invoices in the sum of £3346.90 be approved.

14. Correspondence
Councillors reviewed the list of correspondence received.
Locality report
RESOLUTION: That the list of correspondence be noted

15. Matters to be raised for the next meeting
Benches in Rushall

16. Date of the next meeting
With the absence of the Chairman and Councillor Thomas for the scheduled meeting it was agreed to re-schedule the Annual Council meeting to the 3rd May 2017.

Meeting closed at 8.40pm.