Draft Minutes


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
Held in the Memorial Hall
On Wednesday 14th June 2017

Chairman: T Weston
Councillors:  M Barber-Starkey,  J Blandford, F Powell,  A Taylor, E Thomas

Also Present:  D Baldwin Clerk to the Council
Cllr B Durkin: Ward Member
1 member of the public

17. Apologies for absence – Apologies were received and accepted for Councillors N Bullock and R Cotton. Councillor G Baker absent. The Chairman of the NDP working party sent his apologies that he would be late attending the meeting.

18. To receive Declarations of Interest
There were no Declarations of Interest at this point in the meeting

19. Public Participation
No members of the public present wished to speak.

20. Minutes

20.1 The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on the 3rd May 2017 were approved as a correct record of that meeting and signed by the Chairman.

20.2 The minutes of the Annual Council Parish Meeting held on the 3rd May 2017 were approved as a correct record of that meeting and signed by the Chairman

21. Ward Member Report
Councillor Durkin is standing on the Audit and Governance Committee.
Councillor Brian Wilcox has been elected as the Chairman of Herefordshire Council.
The sale of the Council Farms to bring in much needed revenue.
The Council offices at Blue School Street have been sold.
RESOLUTION: That the report be noted.

22. Neighbourhood Plan: The Chairman of the Working Party entered the room.

22.1 The Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party gave an update to Councillors and presented the report of the meeting held on the 9th May 2017. A response from Herefordshire Council for the exception case had been received and agreed in principal that Kynaston and Rushall could be treated as one settlement.
The working party require approval for the following:
To approach the Housing Association of Old Pike and Hazeldine to look at available development area
For money to be made available for Foxley Tagg to look at the mapping.

RESOLUTION: That the working party be given approval to approach the housing authority of Old Pike and Hazeldine and that the fees for Foxley Tagg be approved to oversee the mapping of the plan, subject to agreed costs. Also, that the report of the meeting held on the 9th May be noted and approved.

22.2 The Clerk investigated the availability of grants to help fund the extra costs possibly required for the Neighbourhood Development Plan. There was the possibility to acquire an Awards for all grant if needed and with the help of Herefordshire Councils funding officer other grants could be considered.

23. Code of Conduct
Councillors reviewed the revised Herefordshire Councils Code of Conduct and considered adopting this version. Councillors felt that this needed further consideration before a decision could be made.
RESOLUTION: That Councillors review this and re-consider at the next meeting.

24. Rushall Public Bench
Councillors considered the problem with the site of the Public Bench at Rushall near to the Bus Stop. It was noted that the bench had been unbolted and moved around the corner in order for the resident to gain an access into his property and use the base slab for parking. It was proposed that the Council approach the resident in order to come to some compromise.
RESOLUTION: That Councillor Thomas and Baker approach the resident to begin a conversation towards a possible solution.
Vote: 4 for 2 against.

25. Planning

25.1 Planning Applications
Site Stone Cottage, Yatton, HR9 7RF
Description Variation of Condition 2 P163018/FH
171726 No Comments

25.2 Comments submitted
171733: Bartons Well – No Objections

25.3 Planning Decisions
None received.

26. Highways
Highways issues to report:
The road on the corner by Sunnybank has become corrugated.
Upper Vennings and near Jink Robin ditch full needs digging out.
Visibility at the Walwyn Crossroads, Signs obscure view for vehicles exiting onto the A449.
Questions to raise. Parish Walk dates with the locality Officer, Can the Parish Council endorse signs saying “20 is plenty” within the village.

27. Financial Items

27.1 Internal Auditor
The Clerk reported the accounts were being audited by the internal auditor and would be ready for consideration at the July meeting.

27.2 Summary of Receipts and Payments
The Clerk presented a report of the Payments and Receipts for the period to 27th April 2017, showing a bank balance of £5838.62
RESOLUTION: That the summary be approved.

27.3 Invoices for Payment
Councillors considered the payment of the invoices for:
HALC: Domain Hosting £24.00
Memorial Hall £150.00
Memorial Hall NDP £30.00
Eyelid Productions Website £90.00
Staff Salaries £206.19
RESOLUTION: That the payment of the invoices in the sum of £500.19 be approved.

28. Correspondence
Councillors reviewed the list of correspondence received.
Locality report
RESOLUTION: That the list of correspondence be noted

29. Matters to be raised for the next meeting
Bench in Rushall
Annual Accounts

30. Date of the next meeting
The next meeting is currently scheduled for the 12th July 2017.
Meeting closed at 9.07pm